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The Editor

The editor leads the staff in content decisions, establishes standards and expectations, and creates the working atmosphere. In addition to lessons to be learned from the leadership and life of legendary editor Ben Bradlee, who passed away on October 21, this guide includes strategies for success from Josh White, Post education editor, and editorial job descriptions from three high schools.

Primary Disciplines 

NIE Curriculum Guides

The fundamental rights to dissent, protest and petition the government for a redress of grievances are covered in the suggested activities, lessons and reprinted articles, commentary and editorial cartoons found in this guide.

Character, career and physical education intersect as students examine ethics in athletic action. Whether in practice or on the field and court, a playground pick-up or professional match, ethics is in play. In addition to reading about role models and discussing tarnished sports heroes, activities include the business ethics of including animals in the game plan. 

Watergate, from the break-in of Democratic National Committee offices to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, provides a study of executive privilege and the presidency; the balance of power; the duty of federal employees and the responsibility of the press to inform, investigate and watch those in power. 

MAIN NEWS invites students to explore the day’s international, national and local stories offering current and challenging information about people, places and events in the news. The exercises developed around the MAIN NEWS section have students work with and respond to science news, news abstracts, pictures and illustrations, editorial commentary, federal government activity, reporters’ journals and advertising.