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Executive Privilege — Real and Perceived

Watergate, from the break-in of Democratic National Committee offices to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, provides a study of executive privilege and the presidency; the balance of power; the duty of federal employees and the responsibility of the press to inform, investigate and watch those in power. 

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As the South Pole quests of Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen are commemorated, exploration and expeditions continue above, on and below the Earth’s surface and waters. Assisted by cutting-edge technology and photography, 21st-century scientists and their teams plan for all stages, collaborate during the voyage and document their discoveries. A rich variety of activities, lesson ideas, resources and suggested readings across many disciplines in science, mathematics, technology and the fine arts are provided in this curriculum guide.

The members of the Cabinet advise the president.  President George Washington had only four Cabinet secretaries.  Today there are 15 Cabinet secretaries.  Activities in this guide introduce students to the Cabinet members' duties and the role of independent agencies.  Students follow the confirmation process and role-play being members of the president's Cabinet, confronting real issues.  

Reporters inform readers through direct statements, quotations and comparisons with other events. Using the work of Post staffers we examine how the Civil War’s casualties can be understood in words and through informational graphics. In addition, we meet Ernesto Londoño, The Post’s Pentagon and national security correspondent, to learn how he covers today’s wars, issues and people.

The FOOD section has something for everyone. It provides readers with a variety of articles on the latest in food preparation and trends, new kitchen equipment and technology, cooking techniques, recipes, supermarket advertisements and coupons.  Every Wednesday the lively mix of food news, personalities, cooking classes and what to do in the metropolitan area can delight the connoisseur and encourage the novice chef. Meals and foods reflect the season and appeal to changing diets.  The FOOD section will be popular with learners of all ages and achievement levels.