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Do You Have a Right to an Education?

 We focus on three areas in which governments deal with the legal and ethical obligations to provide education of good quality, without discrimination or exclusion: the rights of girls, children with physical disabilities, and undocumented students.

NIE Curriculum Guides

METRO takes a look around the neighborhood and around the region and reports on the people, places and events that affect the lives of the Washington metropolitan community. From the METRO section articles can be selected for information, insight, enrichment or pleasure. METRO provides the background knowledge and vocabulary necessary to foster comprehension. Articles and features in METRO can illustrate how knowledge gained can have a direct application to one’s daily life.

The Sixteenth Amendment, establishing a federal income tax, was ratified in February 1913. Readings and activities in this guide for middle and high school students explore the connection between this amendment, the government, and the American public.  Students examine today’s politics of taxation and the history of Congress as the purse holder to explain how our government provides certain goods and services. Looking at receipts and exploring different sales taxes illustrate how taxes are part of American life.

South Africa’s motto, Ike e: /xarra //ke, “Diverse People Unite, conveys the intent and goal of the Republic of South Africa since 1994. As Nelson Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela has passed away at 95, we focus on South Africa’s future as well as its past. Activities include the country’s rich heritage in arts and culture, its political and personal struggles to be released from apartheid, and the establishment of a democracy. South Africa is a case study of the effectiveness of international economic sanctions and America’s changing foreign policies.

Students will develop an understanding of the Federal Reserve — its purpose, structure and function since its creation in 1913. How its monetary policies confront economic and labor market conditions as well as influence the design of the dollars in our wallets. How it contributes to soundness of the nation's financial system by establishing regulations and ensuring that the system of paying for all kinds of transactions works efficiently.

Food — A Delicate Balance

Chocolate, coffee and culinary arts mix with business and survival in the activities of this guide. Food choices balance nutrition content and value, taste preferences, accessibility and other factors. Likewise, the survival of birds and fish is a delicate balance of man's desires for foods, commercial fishing practices and climate change.