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Civil War 150: Campaign to the End

Fall 1864 to Spring 1865 was a turning point. Gen. William Sheridan, in the agriculturally rich Shenandoah Valley, and Gen. William T. Sherman, from Atlanta to Savannah, led campaigns to destroy all resources and demoralize Southern residents. Abraham Lincoln's reelection turned from doubtful into a call for union and abolishment of slavery.

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Every Thursday LOCAL LIVING combines Home and community news with local entertainment, family and health features that readers want.  The result?  A convenient weekly resource covering Washington life from family room to community room.  LOCAL LIVING provides news and features about the community, profiles of neighbors and neighborhood organizations, coverage of local government agendas, zoning and school board actions.  LOCAL LIVING offers a wide range of educational opportunities and strategies.

Have you been to the Chesapeake Bay or fished in the Anacostia River? How are we doing meeting Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act goals? Conversations about handling clean water and its pollution occur in rural as well as urban and suburban areas.  In this guide, your class will learn more about these and more situations, their influence on clean water, and water treatment efforts. 

Students will develop an understanding of the Federal Reserve — its purpose, structure and function since its creation in 1913. How its monetary policies confront economic and labor market conditions as well as influence the design of the dollars in our wallets. How it contributes to soundness of the nation's financial system by establishing regulations and ensuring that the system of paying for all kinds of transactions works efficiently.

Watergate, from the break-in of Democratic National Committee offices to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, provides a study of executive privilege and the presidency; the balance of power; the duty of federal employees and the responsibility of the press to inform, investigate and watch those in power.