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Civil War 150: Campaign to the End

Fall 1864 to Spring 1865 was a turning point. Gen. William Sheridan, in the agriculturally rich Shenandoah Valley, and Gen. William T. Sherman, from Atlanta to Savannah, led campaigns to destroy all resources and demoralize Southern residents. Abraham Lincoln's reelection turned from doubtful into a call for union and abolishment of slavery.

NIE Curriculum Guides

Providing future generations with places that reflect their cultural values and ideals and maintaining their political, social and historic legacy requires a commitment of individuals, organizations and government. Many of the activities in this guide cross disciplines because of the social, cultural, economic and historic issues, art and architecture considerations, and science of preservation.

Activities in this guide include geography and map studies, a bathymetric challenge and an assignment to write like a science journalist. Students have opportunities to follow the journeys of discovery of techie trekking journalism Paul Salopek and educators and students at sea on the E/V Nautilus.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, focuses attention on the role of federal and state governments, insurance companies, businesses and individuals in providing for health care, from preventive care to benefits of insurance coverage and the use of technology to enroll citizens. Students locate the facts, analyze the issues, study different stances, explore explanatory journalism and use a variety of media to express their points of view.

Every Thursday LOCAL LIVING combines Home and community news with local entertainment, family and health features that readers want.  The result?  A convenient weekly resource covering Washington life from family room to community room.  LOCAL LIVING provides news and features about the community, profiles of neighbors and neighborhood organizations, coverage of local government agendas, zoning and school board actions.  LOCAL LIVING offers a wide range of educational opportunities and strategies.