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Robots on the Move

Whether in the works of science fiction or the imagination of engineers, robots have fascinated humans. Designers of today’s robots, whether in the simplest of forms or in complex iterations, test scientific understanding, aid in disaster relief efforts, and help amputees. Likewise, through biomimicry nature is providing new products and processes to solve human problems in a sustainable manner.

NIE Curriculum Guides

The members of the Cabinet advise the president.  President George Washington had only four Cabinet secretaries.  Today there are 15 Cabinet secretaries.  Activities in this guide introduce students to the Cabinet members' duties and the role of independent agencies.  Students follow the confirmation process and role-play being members of the president's Cabinet, confronting real issues.  

The editor leads the staff in content decisions, establishes standards and expectations, and creates the working atmosphere. In addition to lessons to be learned from the leadership and life of legendary editor Ben Bradlee, who passed away on October 21, this guide includes strategies for success from Josh White, Post education editor, and editorial job descriptions from three high schools.

They entertain, educate and provoke you. An American art form, ranging from panels to continuity strips, comics provide storytelling and self-expression. A crossword puzzle, activity sheets and the works of Herblock, Tom Toles and Ann Telnaes are in this guide. Work on symbolism, syndication and freedom of expression add depth the study of comics.

Each Friday, WEEKEND models not only how the organization of information establishes a persuasive purpose but also how students can strive for clarity in their writing through a clear, logical structure of sentences. Additionally, WEEKEND can lead to a dynamic interaction between reader and text.