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The editor leads the staff in content decisions, establishes standards and expectations, and creates the working atmosphere. We were reminded on October 21 when legendary editor Ben Bradlee, who “presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and guided The Post’s transformation into one of the world’s leading newspapers,” died. In addition to lessons to be learned from his leadership and life, this guide includes strategies for success from Josh White, Post education editor, and editorial job descriptions from three high schools.

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As the South Pole quests of Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen are commemorated, exploration and expeditions continue above, on and below the Earth’s surface and waters. Assisted by cutting-edge technology and photography, 21st-century scientists and their teams plan for all stages, collaborate during the voyage and document their discoveries. A rich variety of activities, lesson ideas, resources and suggested readings across many disciplines in science, mathematics, technology and the fine arts are provided in this curriculum guide.

 We focus on three areas in which governments deal with the legal and ethical obligations to provide education of good quality, without discrimination or exclusion: the rights of girls, children with physical disabilities, and undocumented students.

Fall 1864 to Spring 1865 was a turning point. Gen. William Sheridan, in the agriculturally rich Shenandoah Valley, and Gen. William T. Sherman, from Atlanta to Savannah, led campaigns to destroy all resources and demoralize Southern residents. Abraham Lincoln's reelection turned from doubtful into a call for union and abolishment of slavery.

Every Thursday LOCAL LIVING combines Home and community news with local entertainment, family and health features that readers want.  The result?  A convenient weekly resource covering Washington life from family room to community room.  LOCAL LIVING provides news and features about the community, profiles of neighbors and neighborhood organizations, coverage of local government agendas, zoning and school board actions.  LOCAL LIVING offers a wide range of educational opportunities and strategies.