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Executive Privilege — Real and Perceived

Watergate, from the break-in of Democratic National Committee offices to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, provides a study of executive privilege and the presidency; the balance of power; the duty of federal employees and the responsibility of the press to inform, investigate and watch those in power. 

NIE Curriculum Guides

KidsPost is the only section of the paper that is written especially for students in grades 2 through 7. Appearing in the paper Sunday through Thursday it is designed to give students summaries of important news happening locally, nationally and internationally. KidsPost also includes features on kids, animals, life at school and issues of particular interest to kids. It also features book reviews, contests and puzzles. Kids are frequently asked to write to KidsPost with their opinions on a variety of news events and issues.

The idea of recycling newspapers has been around for many years. After being read, newspapers have been used to clean windows, wrap presents and line bird cages. For more than 100 years, newspapers have been transformed into works of art. Activities in this Washington Post Newspaper In Education curriculum guide uses the sections of the newspaper to inspire projects and be the medium for the message.

Character, career and physical education intersect as students examine ethics in athletic action. Whether in practice or on the field and court, a playground pick-up or professional match, ethics is in play. In addition to reading about role models and discussing tarnished sports heroes, activities include the business ethics of including animals in the game plan. 

Reporters inform readers through direct statements, quotations and comparisons with other events. Using the work of Post staffers we examine how the Civil War’s casualties can be understood in words and through informational graphics. In addition, we meet Ernesto Londoño, The Post’s Pentagon and national security correspondent, to learn how he covers today’s wars, issues and people.