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Animals at Risk

Threatened, endangered and surviving but facing uncommon attacks, animals are at risk. Activities and articles include laws and regulations in Laos and Australia, research using chimps in Africa, aging elephants at the National Zoo and birds who have adapted to cold weather. Teachers Notes provide different approaches across disciplines.

NIE Curriculum Guides

There are dozens of trade agreements between two or more nations. These voluntary agreements are intended to benefit all parties. When tariffs are imposed on a unilateral basis they may result in retaliatory tariffs and increased prices on goods and services. We take a closer look at trade (dis)agreements.

Brain damage, a new competitive sport, advocacy advertisements, elder boom and young worker shortage, current global and national issues, our relationship with words and kids and an appreciation of Toni Morrison are covered in this month’s guide with suggested activities for using the Post reprints.

While a community’s involvement in sports teams and athletes may increase with a winning team, media covers the lows as well as the highs, the full range of sports and individuals across all seasons. Student media producers and users can improve through a study of professional models of sports writing and photography.

Whether bitter for baking chocolate or sweet for bars and candies, cocoa is part of our lives. A darker side of chocolate lies in flavanols, deforestation and child laborers. Business, economics, personal finance, botany and environment concerns, and the rights of children are all involved in these issues.

Campaign 2016

Campaign 2016 provides avenues for diverse study. At the foundation are candidates’ speeches, actions and policies, and party platforms. Understanding polls and their influence, analyzing political cartoons and political ads and using social media form another strand of study. Considering bellwether Indiana towns and a Virginia town that lacks enough candidates to run for office, defining issues and using original documents offer more challenges for students.