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American History Through the African American Lens

One hundred years after the first proposal for a museum focusing on the African American contribution to America, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened its door to the public. Suggested activities include visual exploration, writing and research, completing a crossword puzzle and examing artifacts.

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Juvenile Justice is in the news as 2016 begins. President Obama has taken executive action against solitary confinement of juveniles in federal prisons. Congress is considering a bill to reform sentencing, including that of juveniles. And the Supreme Court has ruled that inmates who were juveniles when they were sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment may retroactively appeal their sentences. Historic perspective, activities and the latest views on Juvenile Justice.

Questions are found in many forms of journalism. How-to and advice columnists often respond to questions submitted by their readers. The well-written questions of the interview inform reporters, editorial writers and investigative journalists. The Q&A provides a quick read. Partial and full quotations from diverse interviewees that are successfully woven into the reporter’s narrative provide accurate and balanced coverage. Activities in this guide assist students in forming questions, organizing an oral history project, connecting questions to a career and conducting an interview. 

Media covered the story. We read about the event. We saw the action. We heard the speech. And responded to the vote tallies.

Students follow the primary election process through KidsPost and Post articles, editorial and Fact Checker. Students design campaign buttons, spin a story and test their voter knowledge.

Subject of songs, poems, paintings and budget battles, bridges are essential to the infrastructure of places built near rivers. Study the Memorial Bridge deterioration and the 11th Street Bridge Park proposal. Research D.C. bridges, photograph them and paint them.