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The Washington Post MAGAZINE Informs and Inspires

Each Sunday The Washington Post Magazine informs, entertains and provides new perspectives and approaches to better living. This may be found in solitary activities such as reading the columns, absorbing features and doing the crossword puzzle. Or in shared experiences such as laughing with Gene Weingarten, trying a recipe or going out to a recommended restaurant or event. Whether tied to a news peg or an evergreen theme, the content excels in strong human interest.

NIE Curriculum Guides

 We focus on three areas in which governments deal with the legal and ethical obligations to provide education of good quality, without discrimination or exclusion: the rights of girls, children with physical disabilities, and undocumented students.

Public transportation ranks high on the list of priorities for local, state and national leaders.  We begin with the decision to walk, bike, drive or take mass transit. Then through Post news, opinion, photography and informational graphics, we engage students in discussion, debate, and research of gas taxes, infrastructure management, congestion abatement, environmental impact and safe travel now and in their future. 

Media informs the public of events and situations that occur at home and around the globe. Couched within the news and features are problems to be solved and opportunities for adults and children to make a difference.

Media credibility can be lost when ethical guidelines are ignored, when a member of the media fabricates quotations and other information, plagiarizes from the work of others, and exaggerates one’s experience.


We examine those who have failed to be ethical, and we review the ways The Washington Post provides accuracy, balance, clarity and transparency.