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Arts and Books — Censor or Celebrate?

The legal and historic background of copyright, public domain and provenance — encouragement to create in the arts and sciences and to be rewarded — are introduced against the historic and current examples of looting of art, book banning and burning, and banishment and firing of those who make literature and arts accessible. Weekly means for inspiration and access to the arts, books and culture are also explored in Post Arts, Style and Entertainment.

NIE Curriculum Guides

Many health issues provide stimulus for lessons in economics, privacy vs. public health concerns, illegal vs. legal transport of goods and medicines, laws and ethics. This guide focuses on the current news: an outbreak of mumps in the Midwest and the spread of the H5N1 strain of the influenza virus. The concerns about avian flu also provide opportunity to teach students about the Spanish Flu that killed more than 50 million people around the world and to introduce students to careers in virology and epidemiology.

Attention is turned to the unexpected, unusual and rare on land, in the air and within the waters of the world. The short reads and lab lesson capture students’ imaginations and stimulate discoveries within the natural world. Students use venery, study an elephant’s trunk and vampire bats’ kindness, and meet an octopus teacher. They get closer to sea snot, ghost nets and dark splotches. It’s quirky and true.

Beginning with 5,558 congressmen who had served in the U.S. Congress and were born before 1840, The Post created the first database of lawmakers confirmed to be enslavers — 1,739 and increasing as readers help in the search of records. Students explore the database, learn about cartograms, search for “unknowns” and conduct their own family history search. Articles tell of families and Sen. Tim Kaine facing legacies with irony and openness.

Since the 8th century Ukraine’s fertile soils have drawn settlers and invaders. As its borders have shifted over generations, the yearning for independence and peace was firmly set in its peoples’ soul, culture and aspirations. In February 2022, Russian President Putin sent tanks and troops into Ukraine testing the world’s willingness to protect the innocent and Ukrainians’ mettle to keep its country.


Campaign 2016

Campaign 2016 provides avenues for diverse study. At the foundation are candidates’ speeches, actions and policies, and party platforms. Understanding polls and their influence, analyzing political cartoons and political ads and using social media form another strand of study. Considering bellwether Indiana towns and a Virginia town that lacks enough candidates to run for office, defining issues and using original documents offer more challenges for students.