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Call for Columnists

The columnists’ distinct voices and engaging styles relate a point of view to readers. They cover the spectrum of home and work, politics and policy, gender and sports, local and international topics. They invite discourse and encourage reader interaction. Their columns may be parsed, then used as springboards and models for student work.

NIE Curriculum Guides

Exploration of journalistic basics begins with the traditional news lede and expands to the variety of delayed ledes used to convey information, capture reader interest and enhance comprehension. The focus of feature pieces is analyzed in “The Homecoming.” Discussion of journalistic values and the freedoms of speech and press are based in recent actions.

Within the marketplace of ideas, students’ voices emerged asking for gun reform after 17 students and faculty were killed in Parkland, Fla. They joined the many parents and survivors shouting, “Enough! No more.” This guide provides data, the stories of individuals who were killed or injured by guns, commentary and points of view about gun reform. Student activities include creating info graphics, researching school weapons policies and use of First Amendment guarantees to address the Second Amendment.

Do you know the history and current shape of the rivers near you? From the Potomac and Anacostia rivers to the mighty Mississippi to the wild and scenic rivers of the West, Americans are gifted with life-giving water that should not be polluted, whose infrastructure requires maintenance and updating, and whose salinity must be addressed. In addition to Post reprints, activities include Think Like a Reporter, role play, salt tolerance lab, word find, research and writing suggestions.

Buying, renting, looking for a fixer-upper, or remodeling — The Post's Real Estate supplement and online Where We Live provide current information to help your students learn the process and complexities. Activities for students of business, economics and personal finance provide understanding of markets, maintaining one’s biggest investment and capturing the character of one's community.


To better understand the individuals who held the office and their presidential leadership, The Washington Post created Presidential, a podcast series of 44 segments. Post NIE activities are provided to focus on the presidents’ background and influences on them, approaches to tough decisions and unexpected challenges, and personal traits that helped or hurt their success as president of the United States.

Campaign 2016

Campaign 2016 provides avenues for diverse study. At the foundation are candidates’ speeches, actions and policies, and party platforms. Understanding polls and their influence, analyzing political cartoons and political ads and using social media form another strand of study. Considering bellwether Indiana towns and a Virginia town that lacks enough candidates to run for office, defining issues and using original documents offer more challenges for students.