Civil War and The Capital City

The divisions and horrors of the Civil War transformed D.C. and the country. Fifth of nine once-a-month guides that feature an illustrated segment on developments in the Washington area, Civil War and The Capital City features maps, news articles, speeches and documents to study and understand the issues, actions and people of the era. The illustration and Q&A present Washington, 1861-1865. Three maps are in this guide: "Map It" (the ring of forts that defended D.C.), "The Capital in Crisis" (the morning of Sept. 5, 1862) and "Following in the Footsteps of History" (Civil War Heritage Trails in the area). "First Draft of History" features a transcription of the Nov. 20, 1863, Washington Evening Star and an activity to compare its coverage of the Gettysburg Address to known Library of Congress manuscripts. The legal feature highlights Dred Scott v. Sanford and the Thirteenth Amendment. An introduction to Frederick Douglass and his homes offers field trip opportunities. A crossword puzzle features Civil War personalities and events.