INSIDE Journalism: Editorial Cartoons

Opinion can be expressed without the confines of language when presented in editorial cartoons. "INSIDE Journalism: Editorial Cartoons," takes a closer look at Herblock, Toles and the art of the visual commentator. Works of Herblock and Toles are reproduced for use in art, history or journalism classes. "Who Was Herblock?" and "Meet the Editorial Cartoonist" bring The Post's editorial cartoonists up front and close. Students are guided to produce their own visual commentary in "How to Draw an Editorial Cartoon" and "The Mechanics of Editorial Cartooning." "You and Your Rights" gives the basics on libel and trademark laws as they apply to editorial cartooning. "A Changing Community, A Changing Role" highlights editorial cartoonists at The Post and "They Had Something to Say" is a research activity. Resources and vocabulary are included.

Downloadable Lesson Plan PDF