INSIDE Journalism: Now You're in the Know

The lessons in "INSIDE Journalism: Now You're in the Know," focus on the Monday through Friday sections of The Washington Post. "Blood Hounds 'Volunteer' Without Even a Bow-Ow," an article from the Health section, combines science, technology and a child's love for animals while introducing students to a business in Annapolis. "Inside the Post," a reproducible search of the sections, should lead to discussion of the organization of the Post and current events. A more challenging selection from the Business section, "How to Unlock a Value Chain," introduces students to a computer-assisted research project. Michael Getler in "Meet the Ombudsman," tells about his role as a liaison between The Post and its readers. The Post timeline and "A Changing Community, A Changing Role" take students to 1933-1945. The modern Washington Post began in 1933 when Eugene Meyer purchased the newspaper and established 7 principles to govern newsgathering. Vocabulary and resources are included.

Downloadable Lesson Plan PDF