INSIDE Journalism: The Sports Page

"Shirley, One of the Best," sampling the spectrum of sports coverage in The Post from the early days of N.W. Baxter and Shirley Povich to today's editors and reporters, provides examples for your sports writers. In the KidsPost article, "Following the Bouncing Ball," sports reporter Steve Wyche takes readers courtside as he covers the Wizards and in "Meet the Sports Editor," Cindy Boren takes us behind the byline to get articles ready for publishing. "Who Was Shirley Povich?" and "A Changing Community, A Changing Role" both provide a look at the reporting of 75-year-Post veteran sports columnist, reporter and editor Shirley Povich. Six articles in "Sports Classics in the 20th Century" give a glimpse of yesterday's athletes and sports history as reported in The Washington Post. "How to Write a Sports Story" and "Sportswriting by the Numbers" guide students through the writing process. "Be a Good Sport" is for younger readers to think about sportsmanship. "You and Your Rights" focuses on athletes' freedom not to speak out on sensitive issues and citizenship which demands they speak up. 

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