Our Nation's Capital Created

Third of nine once-a-month guides that feature an illustrated segment of the history of the Washington area, Capital Created focuses on laying the foundation for a city and nation in Washington, D.C. The illustration, map and Q&A present the original boundary lines, government buildings, bridges and canal. Reproducibles are provided to study spanning the Potomac River, the Battle of Bladensburg and attacks on Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Transportation from 1700-1850 is considered in "Getting Around in Dust, Over Rocks and Across Rivers." In "The First Draft of History," a 2003 Supreme Court decision is the news peg to illustrate how reporters include history in their coverage to relate current events. "Law and Order: The Foundation" introduces Marbury v. Madison and establishment of judicial review. A timeline for 1750-1850 and academic content standards are included

Downloadable Lesson Plan PDF