Primarily, Images and Issues

The primaries and the party conventions that nominate the 2008 Republican and Democratic candidates for president provide an array of opportunities to meet the people who want to be the next president and to focus on the issues that are important to individuals and the country. Reprints of Washington Post articles put into perspective summer’s nominating conventions (“The Ballot Brawl of 1924”), campaigning (“Permanent Campaign?”), the first woman to win a presidential primary (“The Force of Gender”), race in America (“Obama Urges U.S.: ‘Move Beyond Our Old Racial Wounds’”) and Internet influence (“Campaign.USA”). The Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles has used his pen and wit to provide visual commentary on the candidates, election process and issues. Twenty of his commentaries are included in this guide to give a visual timeline, to highlight events and issues during the race toward nomination, to stimulate discussion and to inspire students to create their own images.

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