The Science in Discovery

Ten years after his discovery in Italy, Otzi is back in the news. The KidsPost article, "Frozen in Time: Uncovering the 5,300-Year-Old Mysteries of the European Iceman," covers the mummy's discovery in 1991 and his cause of death revealed in July 2001 through the latest advance in x-ray technology. The lesson begins with a KWL reading activity. This task definition strategy will help students to define for themselves what they know, what they want to know and what they have learned. Discussion questions are included. A reproducible is provided for introducing students to the basics of the scientific method. The hypotheses about and test of the corpse present an example of the scientific process, including discarding conclusions when better evidence is found. Two other reproducibles provide for younger students a word find and a Snapshot Box activity. Enrichment activities include research of careers in science and technology

Downloadable Lesson Plan PDF