Curriculum Guides

  • Debate: Face-to-Face Exchanges

    Debate trains students to look at all sides of an issue, to examine complex ideas and to develop oral, research and critical thinking skills. Debate is intrinsic to American culture, from debating societies to Lincoln-Douglas debates and televised debates of candidates for president. Activities in this guide include a Socratic seminar, analysis of a televised debate and an in-class debate. The Washington Post provides resources to use with the suggested activities — a Tom Toles editorial cartoon, guest commentary, movie review and two articles covering Campaign 2008.

  • Living Green

    Renewed interest in the environment and living by eco-friendly standards has influenced the building industry, consumer products and business ventures as well as our language and attitudes. A word puzzle, Green Scene quiz, suggested activities and study questions provide options for English, ecology, economics and health classes. Reprints of Post articles come from News, Style and KidsPost, Washington Business, Real Estate, Home and Sunday Source. Vocabulary, print and Web resources included.

  • Primarily, Images and Issues

    The primaries and the party conventions that nominate the 2008 Republican and Democratic candidates for president provide an array of opportunities to meet the people who want to be the next president and to focus on the issues that are important to individuals and the country.

  • Healthy Decisions

    Staying safe and keeping fit requires healthy decisions about the foods you eat, the exercise you get and the precautions you take. In this first of two NIE guides to feature fitness, Post reprints cover and the suggested activities focus on: Keeping safe while involved in sports activities, making the right food selections at home and school, enacting legislation and guidelines for healthier students and knowing what’s recommended to be healthy at each stage of life.

  • Young Lives At Risk

    In May 2008, The Washington Post published a five-day series on childhood obesity, Young Lives at Risk: Our Overweight Children. Students, parents, the school and greater community need to address the issue of childhood obesity to create healthy citizens now and in the future. This 37-page online guide provides reprints of many of the Post articles, graphics and photographs. Activities, a close reading guide, insight into the creation of the poster/graphic, and resources are provided for use in health, mathematics, art, government, English and mathematics classes.

  • Accelerating Demand for Fuel

    It is time to review the driving forces of a market economy. As motorists and other petroleum product consumers face increased prices, The Post in the Oil Shock series reports on the supply and demand for oil, alternative sources of fuel and the latest technology for oil recovery. In this guide, discussion questions, a crossword puzzle, a supply and demand activity and online resources are provided. The Washington Post resources to use with the suggested activities include a Tom Toles editorial cartoon, charts and graphs, guest commentary, and six articles.

  • Historic Choices and New Approaches

    The 2008 presidential election is a time of historic decisions and new approaches. History will be made as either an African American is president or a female is vice president of the U.S. It is also a turning point in new uses of technology by candidates to attract donors, to communicate their message and to organize campaign workers and by media and citizens to examine financial contributions and to fact check the candidates.

  • Day of Wrath

    The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. was not its first nor its last, but it was the one that preserved the Greek-influence on the arts and culture of the Roman Empire. This guide provides close reading activities using The Post review of the National Gallery of Art Pompeii exhibit and a travel article, a Road Trip of mosaics in the D.C. area, and an art project to make mosaics using patterns found in the excavations of Pompeii. An e-Replica worksheet is provided.

  • Reviewing a Whirl of Books

    Book World is awhirl with possibilities for teachers and students: To meet new authors and their books, to visit with familiar works from a new perspective, to attend mini-lectures on varied topics and to study models of book reviews. Writing a book review enhances reading skills; critical thinking; analytic, evaluative and explanatory abilities; and composition fluency. This guide’s content includes book reviews to use in the classroom, a close reading technique, guidelines to writing a book review, and exercises in reading charts and doing online research of publishing companies.

  • Presidential Legacy and Language

    The Constitution provides the framework for the inauguration of a president, but the individual adds his own mark on the ceremony, expresses his philosophy in his address and begins his legacy that may impact the lives of future generations and the character of American society. In this NIE guide, teachers will find resources and worksheets to guide annotation of past presidents’ and Obama’s 2009 addresses, to report on Inauguration Day, to study Lincoln’s legacy and to test one’s knowledge of past inaugurations.