Plankton — The Drifters

Plankton, at the bottom of the marine food chain, has emerged as an important component in scientific, technologic and economic efforts to slow climate change and confront global warming. Through lab reports, research papers, editorials, displays, debates, and research proposals, students explore the different modes of presenting their findings and perspectives to different audiences for different purposes. Steven Mufson's article from the Post Business section is the anchor piece. A Q and A with him clearly reflects the importance of a reporter being a life-long learner and the interdisciplinary (science, business, economics) nature of his energy reporting. A Tom Toles cartoon is included as is a PowerPoint presentation prepared by Lisa Wu, director for the oceanography/geophysical systems lab at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, Va.). Three Post reprints, student worksheets and resources are provided

Downloadable Lesson Plan PDF