Force of Freedom

Whether in the Cradle of Civilization or an emerging democracy, voters are rejecting fear and choosing freedom. Students examine the force of freedom found in voting and its impact of various forms of government, a diverse religious and ethnic population, and economic, social and political forces without and within a country. The articles from The Post and activities in Force of Freedom can be used to focus on one country—Iraq—for its current events, recent election and its history as a cradle of civilization and center of learning. Get a perspective on Iraq in the reportage of Anthony Shadid, in the Q and A with Rajiv Chandrasekaran, and maps and infographics created by the Post staff. Journalism students can use Shadid’s ledes as stylistic models. “You and Your Rights” activities compare democracies around the world and debate compulsory voting. The suggested activities lend themselves to discussion and debate, to mathematics, theatre and art projects, and to interviewing and desktop publishing.

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