The Washington Post Newspaper in Education (NIE) Program extends The Post's commitment to supporting education in the Washington area.


Each school day, NIE-participating schools are provided with free access to The Washington Post.  In addition, teachers have access to topical NIE curriculum guidesa teacher's manual with lessons for each section of the newspaper, teacher training, and classroom demonstrations, all at no cost.


The result is an exciting learning environment in which students are empowered to build their knowledge in a variety of subjects, strengthen their literacy and analytical skills, and develop a daily habit of reading a newspaper.


NIE is supported by individual and corporate donations.


For more information and to sign up for the e-Replica program, use the following link: https://nie.washingtonpost.com/node/2


Teachers also have the option of ordering print copies at a discounted rate. To get the rates and to sign up for the print program, please email nie@washpost.com



Debra Booth