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Quirky and True World

Attention is turned to the unexpected, unusual and rare on land, in the air and within the waters of the world. The short reads and lab lesson capture students’ imaginations and stimulate discoveries within the natural world. Students use venery, study an elephant’s trunk and a vampire bats’ kindness, and meet an octopus teacher. They get closer to sea snot, ghost nets and dark splotches. It’s quirky and true.

NIE Curriculum Guides

Whether bitter for baking chocolate or sweet for bars and candies, cocoa is part of our lives. A darker side of chocolate lies in flavanols, deforestation and child laborers. Business, economics, personal finance, botany and environment concerns, and the rights of children are all involved in these issues.

News, features, guest commentaries, graphs and photographs give snapshots of life in the first months of the novel coronavirus, primarily in the U.S. Study questions, activities and suggestions for interaction aid students to understand the basics of virology, read data, reflect and express themselves through word, art and music — defining life in the time of novel coronavirus.

Three stories of summer 2021 — creation of Juneteenth as a federal holiday, commemoration of Tulsa’s 1921 race massacre and a cheerleader’s Snapchat Supreme Court case — provide case studies of race relations, a nation’s values and rights of students outside of the school campus.

Star athletes and students in our classrooms experience the connection between physical health and mental health within the context of high performance expectations; transgender rights of students to use the bathroom of their gender identity and to participate in sports teams; and quandaries about learning, isolation from friends and covid-19 restrictions.

Campaign 2016

Campaign 2016 provides avenues for diverse study. At the foundation are candidates’ speeches, actions and policies, and party platforms. Understanding polls and their influence, analyzing political cartoons and political ads and using social media form another strand of study. Considering bellwether Indiana towns and a Virginia town that lacks enough candidates to run for office, defining issues and using original documents offer more challenges for students.